Subscription Hub

Make it easy for our users to manage senders and subscriptions in our Subscription Hub and make it as easy as possible to unsubscribe from individual emails.

Subscription Hub

Without newsletters, users have very little reason to open their Inbox. We believe newsletters are a useful medium for users to get information, deals and entertainment. Users can pick and choose what matters most to them.

Yahoo Mail offers a single hub for users to manage their newsletters and we call it the Subscription Hub.

As newsletter providers, you can manage and grow your email audience by providing an easy to subscribe and unsubscribe process.

Why should easy subscribe matter?

With Yahoo Mail providing a hub for users to manage their newsletter subscriptions, email senders now have an opportunity to promote their newsletter to millions of active Yahoo Mail users. The eligibility criteria to get featured in the hub is:

  • Support one click subscribe method
  • Reviewed and approved by our editors

Why should easy unsubscribe matter?

As users go through different phases of life, their interests change (temporarily or permanently). Based on that, they want certain newsletters to stop reaching their Inbox. This is normal. If newsletters are not easy to unsubscribe, there is a chance users can block the sender or worse mark the email as spam. This will impact the senders adversely and can damage their domain reputation resulting in their emails ending up in the Spam folder for the rest of the audience.

As a sender you can help us and your users by letting them opt out of your messages easily. This can improve message open rates, click through rates, and reputation. (learn more about our sending best practices here)

Criteria for newsletters to appear in the subscription hub:

  • Support one click unsubscribe (RFC 8058) method
  • Or support “mailto” unsubscribe method (RFC 2369)

Supporting One-Click Unsubscribe

We highly recommend setting up one-click unsubscribe. To do this you need include the following code within the headers of your email:

List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click
List-Unsubscribe: <>

Once a user unsubscribes, you will get a POST request which looks like this:

POST /unsubscribe/opaquepart HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 26

Of course we support “mailto:” unsubscribe headers as well.

To learn more about List-Unsubscribe headers:

Invitation to participate in the program

Invitation to participate in the program

If you want to learn more or if you want to participate in the Subscription Hub program, please reach out to us

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